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From before and after photos, video and walk through digital footage, YATU360 is the best way to add efficiency and cost savings to your job site. Time and date stamped, full documentation is critical in today’s demanding construction environment.

YATU360 Property Type Examples:

Commercial & Residential
Hospital & Medical Facilities
Schools & Universities
Warehouse & Light Industrial
Office Complex

Hold Your Job Site Accountable with YATU360

Job Sites Digitally Captured. Effortlessly Track Job Site Work.
Why Use YATU360?
Trusted and deployed by many

A camera for every situation

Cameras on job sites do come in handy but video in a 360° environment is even better! Stop the video, look up, down and all around to see what is. YATU360 edited videos are even available in VR (virtual reality) formats view-able in standard VR headsets such as Oculus.
Time Savings

Insurance claim adjusters can save time and money using YATU360 & use in reporting for documentation.


Bidding process made simple & effective. Allows multiple vendors, subs and material experts to view job site online to meet deadlines & budgets.

Disaster Relief

Accident report writers, storm damage claim adjusters and even FEMA all use YATU360 . Unfortunately, mother nature comes calling sometimes and when she does, YATU360 is there to help you and your teams navigate through it all.


Archive, store and retrieve your data when needed. Some trades require record keeping for up to 40 years for certain types of construction documentation and YATU360 is there to help when you need it.

YATU360 Services

Video Capture, Video Editing and Video 360° Tours of Construction Job Sites with Time/Date Stamp Documentation

Project Package Updates

Do you want an updated progress 360° tour every day or every few days? YATU360 provides progress update footage throughout the life cycle of the building project.


YATU360 understands that many projects are time sensitive and focused on security. That is why we secure and encrypt every video and place behind a login screen to share only with the appropriate parties.


Inspections, inspectors and the rest of us. We know that some vendors and managers do not always see eye to eye. YATU360 takes the stress away by sharing and communicating online in this process to help limit the amount of conflict, confusion and back and forth.


Video editing can be customized. Some need roof shots and tours, others walls and ceilings. Whatever the case may be, YATU360 has it covered and can edit and customize your data for certain aspects of the construction project.

Recent Job Sites

Mapping features are built into the YATU360 back-end system to be able to view projects by standardized Google Maps and Google Maps API in conjunction with YATU360 degree virtual tours.

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